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Top L.A. Tutoring offers private, one-on-one tutoring through personally-tailored lessons. Each tutoring session is personalized to meet the student’s needs and focuses on the areas in which the student could improve. Each session is based on your schedule and your choice of location, such as in-home or the library. Our tutors will work through each task with the student, guiding him or her and working with the student to master the subject area and build confidence. We focus primarily on K-12 subjects and offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Our experienced tutors will work with your child to strengthen his or her skills and better understand challenging topics. Your child will become a more proficient learner and his or her grades will improve, guaranteed.

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“I just want you to know how happy we are with the tutoring services that Jeremy has gotten. He actually likes math now and has gotten As on his past three tests. He’s definitely making his way to the top of the class! We can’t thank you enough!” .- Leslie, Mother of an 9th grader at Palisades Charter High School Read More

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